For What Itís Worth,
Let Me Share a Special Memory

By E. J. Bradshaw

Someone has said that memory always remembers the happy things; and today, my mind is flooded with happy thoughts. “Miss” Bobbie would have celebrated her eighty-sixth birthday last week; and to commemorate her life and our love, dozens of roses decorate our church (East Leesville Baptist). One rose stands alone to say, “I still love you!” For years before her death, I kept a fresh, long stemmed rose with a love note attached. She enjoyed them very much; and after seven years of her absence, I’m still finding some of those notes. The other roses on the altar today (arranged by Mrs. Dorothy Goins) testify to Bobbie’s spiritual gift of sharing. She was always giving to elderly, sick, and needy people and tomorrow, our “Compassion in Action” group will distribute them throughout the community. Bobbie would have loved giving and helping deliver them.

I trust you, the readers of these lines, to pardon my nostalgia; but we shared fifty-nine years, three months, sixteen days and a little more than four hours that were filled with happy memories. I’m constantly finding little things she cherished and kept that bring sweet memories. After the boys grew up, she left for work before I did, and I would leave love notes for her to find. When I was away in meetings, etc., I called her each day to say and hear, “I love you!”; and I would write and mail love letters. I recently found one of those that she had saved; and I can’t share it with her in heaven today; but for her birthday and Mother’s Day, I’ll share it with you; and I will pretend that she is receiving it for the first time.

Feb. 14, 1984. Dear Bobbie, “It’s Valentine’s Day; and I was thinking just how much you mean to me; and I thought I would try to tell you. You are the one who makes my life worthwhile! You give me courage and strength to keep going. In years past, I would have given up many times; but you were there to give me courage as well as the will to get up and win. You’re more wife than I could ever deserve and all I have ever or ever will want. You are a great lover and a good friend. You were and are a great mother to our children. You are generous ‘till it hurts and unselfish, always wanting and giving the best to others. You have always sought for and provided the best for me. Your trust has inspired me to be trustworthy. Your love matches what Paul said love should be in First Corinthians 13. In short, I love you, and I’m looking forward to coming home to you. Be my Valentine, please! Your Valentine, Brad. P. S. I have reservations in El Paso for Saturday and Sunday nights.

To my readers, I hope you’re building that kind of love relationships in your home. It’s as close to heaven as you can get on this earth.

You may contact E. J. Bradshaw at 337-238-0440; Email:

You may contact E. J. Bradshaw at 337-238-0440;