For What It’s Worth,
Let’s Talk About Acceptable Worship

By E. J. Bradshaw

Participation in some ritual or activity of worship is a common trait found in most of the world’s people groups. It seems that mankind has this innate need and capacity to worship God. By definition, worship is recognizing the worth of the object of one’s affection and appropriate expression of adoration. Paul speaks of acceptable worship. Romans 12:1-2. The best model for worship of the God that Christians worship is found in Isaiah 6. I’ll trust you to read the entire chapter.

Isaiah “saw the Lord, high and lifted up.” Verse 1. Real worshippers have an encounter with the God who is! People imagine God as “the old man upstairs”; or “the one who is always there”. When we want something or when trouble comes, we can call upon him to take care of the situation. The acceptable worshipper must stand in awe and wonder before the Holy, almighty, loving, merciful God who alone is worthy of one’s love and trust.

Seeing Him, the worshipper must enter into praise and adoration. Heaven’s occupants sing His praise. Verse 3. In God’s presence, Isaiah saw himself as one unclean, a sinner in need of God’s forgiveness and cleansing. God honored Isaiah’s confession and the prophet experienced cleansing and forgiveness. Verse 5-7. Worship places one in a condition for such cleansing to take place.

Having properly dealt with his sin, Isaiah heard these words from God; “whom shall I send; who will go for me.” Verse 8a. The true worshipper expects to hear a word from God; so, he or she focuses on the Lord and listens for that word. It may come through the lyrics of a hymn, or the public reading of scripture or the Biblically based sermon of the preacher, or that quiet voice within his own soul, but God speaks.

But just hearing the word is not enough; the true worshipper has already elected to be a doer of the word. James 1:22. Isaiah answered, “Here am I, send me.” Verse 8. When God speaks, he always expects a positive response.

What happened in your last worship experience? I pray that in your next worship experiences, you will have a fresh encounter with God, you will praise and honor Him, experience cleansing, and hearing a word from God, you will commit to His assignment.

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You may contact E. J. Bradshaw at 337-238-0440;