For What It’s Worth,
Let’s Talk About Change

By E. J. Bradshaw

Recently, I visited the community where Bobbie and I lived for most of our first twelve years together. When we lived there, the community revolved around four churches, an ammonia plant, carbon plant, two grocery stores, elementary school, café, drug store, doctor’s office, a branch bank, post office, gas station and a power plant. Most of the private homes were of pre-World War II vintage--many of them three room, shotgun design. Activities centered around work, church, fishing in the river and bayous, family, and being neighborly.

My, how things have changed in fifty years! Some of the citizenry aren’t satisfied with the progress; others long for “the good old days.” I wondered what the next fifty years will bring. One thing is certain: things, industry, technology, people and values will change! At church, we will sing new songs. We will ride in automobiles powered differently. Microwaves will probably replace the standard cook stoves - medical treatments will advance. Change!

Since change is inevitable, for each person the question becomes, “How shall I respond? We can deny that change is occurring, but denial does not negate the facts. We can resist change; but in so doing, we rob ourselves of the many advantages. We can adopt the attitude of, “I can’t beat them, so I’ll join them.” Often, this will lead to involvement with much that is in conflict with our values and convictions. Surrender to everything is not a good solution.

What then? Why not endeavor to correct the mistakes of the past; refine and improve the good; direct the trends toward that which is beneficial to society; and in keeping with our Biblically-based values and the Constitution that has served our country so well we can control the direction that “progress” takes.

Perhaps this quote from the 1600’s writer, Alexander Pope, would be a worthwhile guide for us: “Be not first by whom the new is tried, nor yet the last to lay the old aside.” If you long for the old that’s ever new, try Jesus, the same yesterday, today and forever. Hebrew 13:8.

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