For What It’s Worth,
Consider Some Do’s and Don’ts for Fathers Day

By E. J. Bradshaw

Today, we pay tribute to all living fathers and honor the memory of those who are not with us anymore. It is good that we have this Special Day. The Bible commands that “We honor our father and mother, that our days be long in the land which the Lord our God gave to us.” Exodus 20:12.

Reading the Bible, we discover many of the God-ordained, God-given responsibilities for fathers. The first responsibility is to “love your wife as Christ Jesus loves the church.” Ephesians 5:25. This is “Do” number one. Two, the husband or father is to be the head or leader of the family even as Christ is head of the church. By example and word, he is responsible for the spiritual leadership for the family. This includes Bible reading and teaching. Deuteronomy 6:6-7. When the children are old enough to understand, Daddy and Mother have the joint responsibility of leading them to a faith commitment to Jesus Christ. Surely the Great Commission includes making disciples of our children. Matthew 28:19-20. My Father led me to Jesus on Thursday afternoon of the fourth week of July in 1957. My family loved and supported the church and instilled that love in me. I still praise and thank the Lord for them.

“Do” number three. The father should live and behave in society so that he and his family have the respect of the community. Romans 13:13-14; Matthew 5:13-16. There are not many things worse for a child than being embarrassed because of Dad’s bad reputation. I was always proud of my father’s good name and reputation. The Bible says, “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor rather than riches and gold.” Proverbs 22:1.

There are many “do’s” that we do not have space to print; but Jesus said, “As you would have others do unto you, do you likewise to them. (The Golden Rule, Matthew 7:12). A good exercise would be for each father to imagine a change of place with his wife and with each child. Then ask yourself, “Would I like it and love them if they treated me like I treat them?”

“Don’t” number one: Don’t lie to your children. If you make a promise, keep it! If you promise discipline for an act of disobedience and they disobey, administer the promised discipline. Don’t wait for 15 times or when you get angry, and don’t abuse and bruise your child while administering discipline. Two: Don’t substitute money for quality time spent with your children. In addition to family activities, try to do things with each individual child.

Three, don’t yell at your children or call them names such as “stupid” and other words that make them feel worthless or unloved. Don’t leave them with emotional scars that last a lifetime. Don’t embarrass them by disciplining them in the company of their peers.

In summary, I repeat, “Don’t do or say anything in a way that you would be hurt if you were in their place.

Happy Father’s Day and may God bless you and your family. May love be felt and communicated in your home!

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