For What It’s Worth,
Memories on Memorial Day 2013

By E. J. Bradshaw

This weekend, our highways and airways are filled with travelers going somewhere on this first national holiday of this summer. I pray that we will not forget the honorees of this occasion. It is altogether proper that we honor the memory of all those who died to free our country and to preserve freedom for us. Ours is a debt to them that we can never pay in full.

As we honor the memory of those who lost their lives in combat, we need to thank our God for their families who sacrificed so much.

During this past week, I visited a mother who lost her two sons in combat and I visited with the wife of a Vietnam veteran who suffered horribly for years before finally dying from contact with Agent Orange. May I suggest that the best memorial we can build for all the causalities of wars is to wake up to the terrible conditions of our country and the rapid erosion of our freedom and rebel with our ballots at election time. Let’s be good stewards of our freedom and our way of life paid for with the blood of those who gave their all!

On November 11, we will observe Veterans Day and honor all who served and are presently serving in the military, but I cannot ignore this opportunity to say thanks to those who served and survived and those in service now! When you see them in church and community functions and shopping places of business, speak to them; make them feel at home in our area; and say “Thanks!” I ask you (the public) to join me in daily prayer for our wounded warriors and their families!

Pray for those who lead our country. The Bible admonishes us to “pray for the king.” 1 Timothy 2:1-2. Pray for our President. Pray for the members of the Supreme Court and for our congressmen and senators; and don’t forget to pray for our state and local officials. Let’s pass our freedom and prosperity on to future generations by making our government to be “of the people, by the people and for the people.” The place to start is the altar and the ballot box. Thank God! We can still change our government with ballots instead of bullets.

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