The Following Ministerial Financial Planning Information may be downloaded:
CLICK ON one of the links below to load that file:

  1. Accountable Reimbursement Policies [IRS FAQ](pdf file)
  2. Annuity Enrollment Application [GuideStone] - (pdf file)
  3. Annuity Information "Basic" [GuideStone] (See what $1.00 gets)
  4. Assistance Funding for Smaller Churches [GuideStone] (pdf file)
  5. Auto Expense Reimbursement Form (pdf file)
  6. Church Financial Policies [GuideStone] - (pdf file)
  7. Church Retirement Plan [GuideStone] - (pdf file)
  8. Compensation Planning (Guidestone)
  9. Employment Severance [GuideStone] - (pdf file)
  10. Fair Market Rental Evaluation Formular (htm file)
  11. Federal Requirements for Churches [GuideStone] - (pdf file)
  12. Financial Planning (pdf file)
  13. Financial Resources [GuideStone] - (pdf file)
  14. FORMS Online [Guidestone] - (pdf file)
  15. GuideStone ANNOUNCEMENT: Up to $3000 available
    for ministers of churches with limited budgets (pdf file)
  16. Housing Allowance [GuideStone FAQ] (pdf file)
  17. Housing Allowance Worksheet & Request Form (pdf File)
  18. Housing Allowance Worksheet & Request Form
    (PRINTABLE Microsoft Word format)
  19. Housing Allowance Acceptance Form (html Format)
  20. Housing Allowance Acceptance Form (PRINTABLE Microsoft Word format)
  21. Housing Allowance Rejected by IRS (html format)
  22. How To Keep $12,000 of your $30,000 Pay Package (pdf file)
  23. Loan Calculation and Calculator
  24. Mileage (2012 IRS Rates)
  25. Mileage (2013 IRS Rates)
  26. Mileage (2014 IRS Rates)
  27. Mileage (2015 IRS Rates)
  28. Mileage (2015 IRS Rates)
  29. Mileage (2016 IRS Rates)
  30. Retirement Payment Options [GuideStone] - (pdf file)
  31. Retirement Benefit Application [GuideStone] - (pdf file)
  32. Salary Reduction Application [GuideStone] - (pdf file)
  33. 2015 Social Security Rates(html file)
  34. Social Security [Opting Out of] (htm file)
  35. Social Security [Reversal of Exemption] (htm file)
  36. Social Security [Pitt Falls of Exemption] (pdf file)
  37. TAX EXEMPTIONS Page (htm files)
  38. Tax Guide for Ministers - 2012 [GuideStone]
  39. Tax Issues related to Ministers - 2009 (pdf file)
  40. Tax Worksheet [SAMPLE]
  41. Tax Worksheet [Inter-active Excel File]
  42. Top Menu Test

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