Secular Opportunities for Bivocational Ministers

This page provides financial assistance through secular job opportunities for bivocational servants and staff. These are made available so you may better provide for your family and minister to your church.

"I"ndependent "B"usiness "O"perating "Bivo"cational Pastor

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Help for Small Church Pastors

Church Furniture Sales
Bivocational Employment Opportunity

Seeking Bivocational Ministers anywhere in Most of the USA
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Faith Employee's Employment Data
The Business Community connecting with the Church Fellowship
to assist the unemployed within your congregation, seeking employment.
Carroll L. Morgan
President/Chief Executive Officer
See a list of Churches & Businesses that are already participating

Tired of not making what you are worth?
Would you like more control of your time?
Can't seem to get out of debt?
Owning your own business could be the solution.
International web based project, 50+ years of success.
Freedom Consultants 318-792-8824

Shepherds' Haven of Rest

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Four day renewal retreats at no cost to ministers
Locations in many different areas
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"Lodging and Meals for both minister and his wife"
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FREE Sunday School Literature

“A Theology for the Church” developed into Sunday School and Small Group Curriculum.
Loyal Heart Ministries has entered into an agreement with Dr. Daniel Akin for Dr. Smyrl to create a 7 year curriculum series based on the book,
“A Theology for the Church.”
The first set in this curriculum series was released January 1, 2012. We are thankful for Dr. Akin’s service on our board and look forward to putting another fully underwritten and helpful tool in the hands of church leaders that will help them make disciples.
The curriculum in the Link below is provided at no cost to you or your church. You are free to reproduce the lessons. We ask that you do not alter any of the content in any way. We also ask that the dollar amount you save by using this curriculum be applied to a student’s international mission travel. Thank you.

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