37 Sermons on David
  1. I Samuel 16:1-13-It's What's On The Inside That Counts (.htm)
  2. I Samuel 16:1-13-It's What's On The Inside That Counts (.pdf)
  3. I Samuel 16:14-23-Music For A Madman (.pdf)
  4. I Samuel 17:1-54-When Two Giants Met Face To Face (.pdf)
  5. I Samuel 17:55-18:9-The High Cost of Success (.pdf)
  6. I Samuel 18:1-5-Forming Fantastic Friendships (.pdf)
  7. I Samuel 18:6-9-The Green Eyed Monster (.pdf)
  8. I Samuel 19-Divine Deliverance (.pdf)
  9. I Samuel 20-The Arrow Points the Way (.pdf)
  10. I Samuel 21-The Fugitive chapter (.pdf)
  11. I Samuel 22:1-5-Lessons Learned in a Cave (.pdf)
  12. I Samuel 22:6-23-Taking Responsibility (.pdf)
  13. I Samuel 23:1-1-Thy Will Be Done4 (.pdf)
  14. I Samuel 23:14-29-A Minister of Encouragement (.pdf)
  15. I Samuel 24:1-22-How To Treat Your Enemies (.pdf)
  16. I Samuel 25:1:44-A Cool Hand on a Hot Head (.pdf)
  17. I Samuel 26:1-25-The Strange Case of the Missing Spear (.pdf)
  18. I Samuel 27:1-28:2;29:1-30-Smart People / Foolish Decisions (.pdf)
  19. I Samuel 28:3-25-Saul and the Witch at Endor (.pdf)
  20. I Samuel 31:1-13-The Death of Saul (.pdf)
  21. II Samuel 1:1-27-How Are the Mighty Fallen (.pdf)
  22. Psalm 78:70-72 & II Samuel 5:1-5-The Coronation of David (.pdf)
  23. II Samuel 2:2 & 3:12-16 & 5:13-16-David's Besetting Sin (.pdf)
  24. II Samuel 6:1-15-David and The Ark (.pdf)
  25. II Samuel 7:1-29-When God Says No (.pdf)
  26. II Samuel 8:1-18-Conquering New Frontiers (.pdf)
  27. II Samuel 9:1-13-Finding Grace in a Barren Place (.pdf)
  28. II Samuel 11:1-27-David, The Royal Adulterer (.pdf)
  29. II Samuel 12:1-25-A Blunt Message with a Sharp Point (.pdf)
  30. Psalm 51:1-17-The Most Expensive Thing in the World (.pdf)
  31. II Samuel 32:1-11-Oh, What A Relief It Is (.pdf)
  32. II Samuel 13:1-39-Reaping The Whilwind (.pdf)
  33. II Samuel 14:18-The Truth About Consequences (.pdf)
  34. II Samuel 18:31-22:51-David's Return To Jerusalem as King (.pdf)
  35. II Samuel 23:8-39-David's Mighty Men (.pdf)
  36. II Samuel 24:1-4,8-16-David's Great Sin (.pdf)
  37. I Kings 1-2-Passing The Torch (.pdf)
  38. I Chronicles 29:26-30-David's Legacy (.pdf)

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