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In The Beginning - GOD
The Study of Genesis
-"The Bible: An Introduction" - - - - - -
01-"In the Beginning God" Genesis 1:1
02-"The Days of Creation" Genesis 1
03-"A Day of Rest" Genesis 2:1-3
04-"The Garden of Eden" Genesis 2:4-17
05-"Adam's Rib" Genesis 2:18-25
06-"The Invasion of Planet Earth" Genesis 3:1-7
07-"The Blame Game" Genesis 3:8-19
08-"Farewell to Paradise" Genesis 3:20-24
09-"Cain and Abel" Genesis 4:1-16
10-"Cain's Ungodly Line and Seth's Godly Line" Genesis 4:16-5:20
11-"Enoch Walked With God" Genesis 5:21-24
12-"The Days of Noah" Genesis 6:1-8
13-"Noah's Ark: A Picture of Salvation" Genesis 6:9 – 7:24
14-"But God Remembered Noah" Genesis 8:1-22
15-"Living Under the Rainbow" Genesis 9:1-17
16-"Noah's Sin and the Curse On Canaan" Genesis 9:18-29
17-"The Three Sons of Noah and Our Family Tree" Genesis 10:1-32
18-"Tower of Babel: Why God Stopped the Building Program" Genesis 10:8-10; 11:1-9
19-"Abraham: Taking the Step of Faith" Genesis 11:27-12:9
20-"When Your Faith Goes South" Genesis 12:10-13:4
21-"Living With Life's Choices" Genesis 13:1-18
22-"Magnanimous Abraham" Genesis 14:1-24
23-"Reaffirming the Promise" Genesis 15:1-6
24-"The Abrahamic Covenant" Genesis 15:7-21
25-"The Mistake of Trying To Help God Out" Genesis 16:1-16
26-"The God of the Everlasting Covenant" Genesis 17:1-27
27-"When God Came to Dinner" Genesis 18:1-15
28-"Abraham : The Intercessor" Genesis 18:16-33
29-"Lot: The Shameful Christian" Genesis 19:1-38
30-"Revisiting Old Sins" Genesis 20:1-18
31-"A Time to Weep and A Time to Laugh" Genesis 21:1-21
32-"Abraham's Defining Moment" Genesis 22:1-14
33-"The Death of a Princess" Genesis 23:1-20
34-"Finding a Bride for Isaac" Genesis 24:1-19, 22-28, 57-67
35-"Abraham: Gathered To His People" (PDF) Genesis 25:5-10
35-"Abraham: Gathered To His People" Genesis 25:5-10
36-"The Birth of a Heel-Grabber" Genesis 25:19-26
37-"What Would you Give in Exchange for Your Soul" Genesis 25:27-34
38-"Like Father Like Son" Genesis 26:1-33
39-"A Shady Way to Get Your Blessing" Genesis 27:1-46
40-"Jacob's Ladder" Genesis 28:10-22
41-"The Deceiver Deceived" Genesis 19:1-30
42-"Birth Wars! " Genesis 29:31-30:24
43-"The Case of the Speckled Sheep" Genesis 30:25-43
44-"Jacob's Separation From Laban" Genesis 31:1-55
45-"Jacob's Preparation to Meet Esau" Genesis 32:1-23
46-"Wrestling With God" Genesis 32:22-32
47-"Healing the Hurts of the Past" Genesis 32-33
48-"Brutal Behavior" Genesis 34-36
49-"Joseph: Favored Son, Hated Brother" Gen. 37:1-11
50-"The Heartbreak of Shattered Dreams" Gen. 37:12-35
51-"The Ugliest Chapter in the Bible" Gen. 38
52-"The Lord was with Joseph" Gen.37:36; 39:1-6
53-"Fatal Attraction: The Test of Purity" Gen. 39:7-23
54-"Godly Detours" Gen. 39:20-23; 40:1-15,23
55-"Joseph: Remembered and Promoted" Gen. 41:1-8,14-16,25-33,39-41
56-"Resurrecting A Dead Conscience" Gen. 41:53-54,57; 42:1-8
57-"Judah Grows Up" Gen. 43:1-10
58-"Be Extra Nice to Folks" Gen. 43:11-14
59-"Swimming In A Sea of Emotion" Gen. 43:15-34
60-"Joseph’s Brothers’ Final Test" Gen. 44:1-34
61-"I Am Joseph" Gen. 45:1-15
62-"It Is Enough" Gen. 45:25-47:7
63-"Joseph and Crisis Management" Gen. 47:13-26
64-"Reflections of a Life" Gen. 48:1-22
65-"Confronting the Problems of Sin" Gen. 49:1-12
66-"God Meant It For Good!" Gen.50:15-26

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