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The Book of Judges

Title Chapter
1.Life in the Woodshed Judges Judges 3:1-11
2.When Lefty Let Fatty Have It Judges 3:12-30
3.Shamgar: An Almost Forgotten Judge Judges 3:31-5:6
4.Nailed on the Noggin Judges4-5
5.Gideon: The Fearful Judges 6:1-24
6.Gideon: The Faithful Judges 6:25-32
7.Gideon and the Fleece Judges 6:33-40
8.Gideon: The Fighter Judges 7:1-8:3
9.Gideon: The Fallen Judges 8:22-9:57
10.Jephthat: Rejected By Men; Used By God Judges 10:6-12:7
11.Samson: A Promising Start Judges 13:1-25
12.Samson: Broken Vows Judges 14:1-20
13.Samson: The Rage of Revenge Judges 15:1-20
14.Samson: The Defeated Playboy Judges 16:1-21
15.Samson: The Restoration of a Failure Judges 16:22-31
16.Some Silver, a Suit and a Meal Ticket Judges 17-18