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19 Sermons 0n The Life Of Peter

Title Scripture

1. The Original Rocky

John 1:35-42

2. Fishin' With Jesus

Luke 5:1-11

3. Rocks Don't Have to Sink

Matthew 14:20-33

4. The Healing of Peter's Mother-in-Law

Matthew 8:14-15

5. Peter's Great Loyalty

John 6:48-71

6. Peter's Great Confession

Matthew 16:31-20s

7. Peter's Great Confusion

Matthew 16:21-28

8. On the Holy Mount

Matthew 17:1-9

9. Peter's Lesson on Forgiveness

Matthew 18:15-35

10. Straight From the Fish's Mouth

Matthew 17:24-27

11. Jesus at the Feet of Peter

John 13:1-17

12. Overcome by Overconfidence

Luke 22:31-34

13. Peter's Darkest Hour

Mark 14:66-72

14. “...And Peter” or Hope is Alive

Mark 16:1-7

15. Gone Fishing

John 21:1-17

16. Lord, What About my Brother

John 21: 17-23

17. The Pentecostal Preacher

Acts 1-2

18. The Cripple Who Danced in Church

Acts 3:1-10

19. How to Confront Hypocrites

Acts 5:1-11

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