Sermon Scripture
00.An Introduction to the Book of Psalms INTRODUCTION of Psalm
01.What Would It Take To Make you Happy Psalm 1
02.Listen! God is Laughing! Psalm 2
03.Guarded By God Psalm 3
04.Only God Is Great Psalm 8
05.Lord, Where Are You? Psalm 9-10
06.A Song of Strong Confidence in God Psalm 11
07.God's Word For the Atheist Psalm 14
08. Rightly Approaching the King Psalm 15
09.Seeing God Psalm 19
10.The Psalm of Calvary Psalm 22
11.The Shepherd Psalm-- Introduction Psalm 23
12.When We Walk With the Lord Psalm 23:1
13.R and R For the Saints Psalm 23
14.How to Get Right and Stay Right With God Psalm 23:3
15.The Shepherd's Faithfulness Psalm 23:4
16.Provisions From Our Shepherd Psalm 23:5
17.Forever is a Long Time Psalm 23:6
18.Answers For Fearful Times Psalm 27:1-14
19.Oh, What a Relief It Is Psalm 32:1-11
20.Do Not Fret Psalm 37
21.Why We Should Not Fret (Part 2) Psalm 37
22.Out of the Mire and Into the Choir Psalm 40:1-3
23.How to Get Up When you Are Feeling Down Psalm 42-43
24.The Most Expensive Thing in the World Psalm 51:1-17
25.Why Do Bad Things Happen to Godly People? Psalm 73:1-28
26.The The Coronation of David Psalm 78:70-72
27.Let's Just Praise the Lord Psalm 100:1-5
28.Total Praise Psalm 103:1-22
29.How the Lord Feels About the Death of His Saints Psalm 116:15
30.Introduction to The Psalm of the Word of Gods Psalm 119
31.Keys to a Happy Life Psalm 119:1-8
32.Start Young to Stay Clean Psalm 119:9-16
33.Open My Eyes Psalm 119:9-16
34.A Desire for Personal Revival Psalm 119:25-32
35.A Prayer for Guidance Psalm 119:33-40
36.Do You Love God's Word? Psalm 119:41-48
37.Finding God's Comfort Psalm 119:49-56
38.The Lord is My Portion Psalm 119:57-64
39.Why Do the Righteous Suffer? Psalm 119:65-72
40.I'm Always on God's Mind Psalm 119:73-80
41.Lord, Help Me! Psalm 119:81-88
42.God's Faithful Word Psalm 119:89-96
43.A Scholar and a Saint Psalm 119:97-104
44.The Word of God: A Light and A Lamp Psalm 119:105-112
45.The Lord is my Hiding Place Psalm 119:113-120
46. He Who Wins Souls is Wise! Psalm 126:5-6
47.When the Music Stops Psalm 137:1-4
48.What a Mighty God We Serve! Psalm 139:1-18, 23-24
49.Facing Loneliness Psalm 142:4
50.The Psalm of Calvary Psalm 150:1-6

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