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Servant leadership training is the focus of this online library of free articles designed for today's church leadership needs.

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"Why Development?
From Library Experience to Leadership Excellence
" (SL#1)
"Walking Through the Library" (SL#2)
"You Have Our Permission: Guidelines" (SL#3)

Servant Leadership Series

"Your Journey Toward Servant Leadership" (SL#4)

Servant Leadership: Principles
"Principles: Exploring the Servant Leadership Journey" (SL#16)
"Leadership: Putting Yourself in the Picture" (SL#17)
"Leadership: What Others Are Saying" (SL#18)
"Servant Leadership: Going the Second Mile" (SL#19)
"Walking the Servant Path with Jesus" (SL#20)
"Robert K. Greenleaf:Pioneer on His Journey" (SL#21)
"Robert K. Greenleaf: Concepts and Characteristics" (SL#22)
"Practicing Servant Leadership--A Pattern" (SL#23)
"Mapping Your Leadership Journey" (SL#24)

Servant Leadership: Pathways
"Pathways: Following Biblical Patterns" (SL#52)
"Jesus, the Ideal Servant Leader" (SL#53)
"Discipleship--Lead by Following" (SL#54)
"Servant First, Then Leader--A Word Study" (SL#55)
"Gifted for Christian Service" (SL#56)
"Spiritual Gifts for Servant Leaders Today" (SL#57)
"Choosing Your Old Testament Champions" (SL#58)
"Choosing Your New Testament Champions" (SL#59)
"Learning from Others on the Journey" (SL#60)

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Servant Leadership: Practices
"Practices Overview: Charting Your Course Today" (SL#61)
"Content: Practicing Servant Leadership Today - Part I" (SL#62)
"Content: Practicing Servant Leadership Today - Part 2" (SL#63)
"Context: Situational Leadership - Approaches and Functions" (SL#64)
"Context: Focusing on Congregational Systems" (SL#65)
"Context: Study Abstracts on Systems Leadership" (SL#66)
"Conduct: Congregational Leadership Grid - Concepts" (SL#67)
"Conduct: Congregational Leadership Grid - Styles" (SL#68)
"Conduct: Behavioral Leadership--Study Abstracts" (SL#69)
"Conduct: Mission/Vision-Centered Leadership Model" (SL#70)
"Conduct: Coaching/Team Leadership Model" (SL#71)
"Conduct: Management/Administrative Leadership" (SL#72)

Mission/Vision-Centered Leadership

"Transforming Vision into Reality: An Overview" (SL#5)

Defining Mission/Casting Vision
Future Articles!

Mission: Assessing the Situation
Future Articles!

Direction: Action Planning
Future Articles!

Implementing Toward Reality
Future Articles!

Also, learn about our complete training course in Mission-Centered Leadership. Take the true mission of your church or organization from vision to reality!

Coaching Leadership Series

"Building Winning Ministry Teams: An Overview" (SL#6)

Coaching Fundamentals
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Building Team Spirit
Future Articles!

Developing Team Skills
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Executing a Game Plan
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Church Health Resources

"Church Health: Functions, Practices and Models" (SL#7)

Preaching Leadership Series

"Pastoral Preaching: Leading From the Pulpit" (SL#8)

Preparing the Preacher
Future Articles!

Developing the Message
Future Articles!

Shaping the Sermon
Future Articles!

Proclaiming the Word
Future Articles!

Church Communication Series

"Communications: Clearly Making a Difference" (SL#9)

Communication Foundations
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Communication Practices
Future Articles!

Communication Considerations
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Marketing the Congregation
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Interpersonal Leadership Series

"Interpersonal Skills: Leading With Your Heart" (SL#10)

Self-Understanding Skills
Future Articles!

Trust-Building Practices
"Trust-Building - The Leadership Essential: An Overview" (SL#73)
"Trustworthy: Living the Self-Examined Life" (SL#74)
"Trusting: Reaching Out with Others" (SL#75)
"Communications: Bridges for Trust-Building" (SL#76)
"Honesty: The Leader's Credibility Test" (SL#77)
"Consistency: Counting on Leaders to Be Leaders" (SL#78)
"Competency: Preparedness for Leadership Tasks" (SL#79)
"Encouragement: Empowering Team Members" (SL#80)
"Vision: Inspiration for Achieving Together" (SL#81)
"Responsibility: Leaders Work at Their Jobs" (SL#82)
"Rebuilding Trust: Leaders Begin Again, and Again" (SL#83)
"Job One Resources: Leaders Build Trust Within" (SL#84)
"Job Two Resources: Leaders Build Trust in the Workplace" (SL#85)
"Job Three Resources: Leaders Consistently Practice Trust" (SL#86)

Interpersonal Communication
"Exchanging Personal Meanings: An Overview" (SL#42)
"Biblical Guidance for Communications" (SL#43)
"Communications Between People--A Model" (SL#44)
"Communication Tasks and Functions" (SL#45)
"Choosing Your Communication Channels" (SL#46)
"Practice Active Listening" (SL#47)
"Disclosure: Responsive Feedback" (SL#48)
"Small Group and Team Communications" (SL#49)
"Group Communication: Processes and Practices" (SL#50)
"Biblical Texts and Practical Contexts" (SL#51)

Assertive Leadership
Future Articles!

Personal Conflict Skills
Future Articles!

Motivation Skills
Future Articles!

Shaping Change Series

"Shaping the Mountain of Change: An Overview" (SL#11)

Transforming Conflict Series

"Life Beyond Church Conflict: An Overview" (SL#12)

Decision-Making Series

"Decisions for Life and Leadership: An Overview" (SL#13)

Process and Tools
"A Ten-Step Process with Tools" (SL#35)
"Step One - Draw upon Christian Faith Resources" (SL#36)
"Step Two - Follow a Basic Decision Process" (SL#37)
"Step Three - Identify a Basic Decision Process" [AND]
"Step Four - Involve the Right People"
"Step Five - State the Guiding Objectives and Priorities" [AND]
"Step Six - Gather Decision-Making Information"
"Step Seven - Clearly State and Evaluate the Options" [AND]
"Step Eight - Make and Implement the Decision"
"Step Nine - Assess the Effectiveness of the Decision and Process [AND]
"Step Ten - Identify and Avoid Common Mistakes"

Personal and Life Choices
"Decision-Making: Graphics, Pictures and Concepts"(SL#98)
NEW "Preparation for Better Personal and Life Choices" (SL#99)
NEW "Establish Basic Christian Values and Stick to Them" (SL#100)
NEW "Assess and Be Aware of Your Personality Type" (SL#101)
NEW "Focusing Steps for Personal Decision-Making" (SL#102)
NEW "Stop and Go: Obstacles and Pathways in Making Choices" (SL#103)
NEW "Basic Life Decisions of the Servant Leader" (SL#104)

Small Group Decision
Future Articles!

Congregational Decisions
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Stress Management Series

"Getting on Top of Stress in Ministry: An Overview" (SL#14)
"Ways of Understanding Human Stress" (SL#87)
"Understanding Stress - Study Resources" (SL#88)
"Examining Common Causes of Stress--Part 1" (SL#89)
"Examining Common Causes of Stress--Part 2" (SL#90)
"Identifying Seven Stress Factors in Ministry" (SL#91)
"Ministry Stress Factors: Study Resources" (SL#92)
"Burnout as High Human Stress" (SL#93)

"Managing Stress and Preventing Burnout" (SL#94)
"Managing Stress - Study Resources" (SL#95)
"Ten Ways for Ministers to Manage Stress " (SL#96)
"Managing Ministry Stress - Study Resources" (SL#97)

Also, learn about our complete training course in Stress Management. Learn to get on top of stress and burnout in your ministry!

Time Management Series

"Having the Time of Your Life: An Overview" (SL#15)
"Minister's Time Management Assessment" (SL#25)
"Biblical Concepts of Time for Today" (SL#26)
"Taking an Inventory of Your Time" (SL#27)
"Developing a Time-Use Plan: Ground Floor" (SL#28)
"Developing a Time-Use Plan: Getting Specific" (SL#29)
"Scheduling Your Time" (SL#30)
"Overcoming Time-Wasters - Part I" (SL#31)
"Overcoming Time-Wasters - Part II" (SL#32)
"Making Time For Your Ministry - Part I" (SL#33)
"Making Time For Your Ministry - Part II" (SL#34)

Bivocational Ministry Resources

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