Decision-Making: Personal and Life Choices
“Establish Basic Christian Values and Stick to Them” (SK#100)
by Wm. M. Pinson, Jr., Th.D. with Lloyd Elder, Th.D.
adapted from SkillTrack® Vol. 10 - Decision-Making

  1. Decisions and Fundamental Values
    Decisions are in fact your values-in-practice.
  2. Character Qualities of the Effective Decision Maker
    Character is the composite of your values and beliefs and the actions based on these. Values professed but not lived out indicate weak character. Lack of carefully understood personal values means a person has limited point of reference in making decisions. Without values no valid criteria exists for evaluating options and alternatives in a decision. Without firm values a person will be unpredictable and unreliable in decisions. Strong character provides consistency and dependability in decision-making. Of such is the stuff of a productive personal life, as well as strong leadership and effective servanthood.

    “Values help us determine what to do and what not to do….Values set the parameters for the hundreds of decisions we make every day. . . . Values constitute our personal 'bottomline.'” --Kouzes and Posner, The Leadership Challenge, p. 212

“God's calling is the necessary starting point in the life of a leader. There is absolutely no substitute. In other words, if you have not been called by God to lead His people, do not seek to do so on the basis of your own abilities or desire.”--Barna, Second Coming of the Church, pp. 107-08
  1. What Are Your Strengths and Limitations?
    Certain qualities will help you be a more effective decision-maker. Here are ones often highlighted by those who have studied the lives of persons noted for making good decisions. Note how many of these are also highlighted in the Bible's teaching about authentic Christian character. The following list serves in two ways: instructional--summarizing the findings of research; and diagnostic--providing the framework of asking the question, "What are my strengths and limitations?"

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