Transforming Conflict Series
“Life Beyond Church Conflict: An Overview” (SL#12)
by Lloyd Elder, Th.D., adapted from SkillTrack® Vol. 9 - Transforming Conflict

Course Objective: Transforming Conflict, growing out of research and extensive field testing, presents a practical, shared leadership process for pastoral and lay leaders in the congregation. Transforming conflict is a process where:

1. Transforming Church Conflict

2. Conflict: Reality and Understandings

3. Servant Leaders Library Articles

We need to prepare with strategies and tools to respond to conflict. A middle-school principal noted: “If you’re going to be a bridge, you’ve got to be prepared to be walked upon.” True, but I am convinced there are other options available. The Library articles will present proven strategies for dealing with conflict in the congregation, including:

4. Study Objectives, Values and Benefits:

Servant Leaders Library articles seek to contribute to your performance and satisfaction as a minister/leader transforming church conflict with these objectives, values, and benefits:

Conclusion: “Life Beyond Church Conflict”
A good reminder: Through the process of transforming conflict into healthy church life, it is good to know there is “life beyond church conflict.” Effective Christian leadership seems always to deal with conflict. But the truth of the matter is that constructive ministry throughout the life of the church often diminishes occurrence and intensity of conflict but also restores the joy of service and releases energy and time for an enriched quality of life.

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