Using the Servant Leaders Library
“Walking Through the Library” (SL#2)
by Lloyd Elder, Th.D.--host, guide, and writer of this script and diagram

When I travel as a tourist, I like to visit well-known or quaint libraries. Usually I stroll around on my own, not joining a formal tour. But the more unique or complex the building or the collection, the more valuable is the information tucked away in the experience and script of “the Guide.” For example, it could go something like this:

Hello! My name is Lloyd Elder. It is my privilege to serve as your guide as we make our way through the Servant Leaders Library, a Web site’s electronic library with its ever-enlarging collection. Please follow me as we make our way together. When we stop from time to time I will say a few words about special points of interest.

For purposes of this Servant Leaders Library tour, let us discuss this online library as if it is a place and space to see and to experience. This is a special collection focusing on servant leadership and a host of related topics. You may want to take a look at the following graphic that goes with the script. Then you are pretty much on your own.

Well, thank you for going along with me on the Library walk-through. Be sure to complete “Using the Library” overview by reviewing SL#1--“From Library to Leadership” and SL#3--“Permission/Guidelines.”

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Adapted by Lloyd Elder, Th.D., Founding Director, Moench Center for Church Leadership