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“You Have Our Permission: Guidelines” (SL#3)
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  1. Lloyd Elder and Associates, Inc. welcomes you!
    LEA, Inc. is a Tennessee S-Corporation seeking to serve the kingdom enterprises of Christ by developing servant leaders for their roles and functions in Christian ministry. Our primary purpose is to invest our resources in the development and practice of servant leadership. The primary characters of LEA, Inc. are Lloyd Elder as president and Joyce M. Byrd as secretary-treasurer; we are so glad you came for a visit and hope your choice to use our Web site and Library collection will benefit your service to Christ.
  2. LEA, Inc. is the sole owner of:

    No permission granted herein abrogates in any way or changes the legal or ethical rights of LEA, Inc. to its Registered or Copyrighted materials, whether electronically or in print. As a constituent, you are responsible to comply with the guidelines of permission and restriction in the use of SL Library materials.

  3. Permissions For Free Web Site Use:
    Please feel free to enter, explore, and freely utilize the SL Library without fee, registration, or membership; we give it to you as an investment in your ministry; examples:
  4. Permission for Hardcopy Reprints:
    Only materials written by Lloyd Elder or Copyrighted by LEA, Inc. may be reprinted for uses true to the purposes of our Web site; all printed hardcopy must include the Copyright statement within the article.
  5. Restrictions for Use of Servant Leaders Library:
    Use of the Library does not create an unlimited business obligation, nor is LEA, Inc. able to provide free consultation regarding your ministry or organization. (LEA, Inc. does have such consultation as a contract service.)
  6. Request for Permission in For-Sale Item:
    If you are using LEA, Inc. items in a publication or service that is a direct cost to the user, submit your reprint permission request by e-mail (see Contact Us), including the following information:

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