Interpersonal Leadership: Communication
“Biblical Texts and Practical Contexts” (SL#51)
by Lloyd Elder, Th.D., adapted from SkillTrack® 7.3 - Interpersonal Communication

This brief article seeks to provide a “thumbs up” support to all the other articles on “exchanging meanings.” As we focus on person-to-person and small group communication, it seems we must honestly address at least two major components--and we have tried to do so:

So, I am not going to review the other articles but merely offer a slice from the whole study.

1. Expressing Biblical Teaching

Perhaps you’d like to conclude this series of articles by asking a few questions about “exchanging personal meanings” by seeking biblical responses:

2. Your Case Studies: “Meaning Exchange”

Case studies is one of the ways we learn from our own experiences and reflection. As you move from biblical times to your contemporary life and leadership, your final exam is to write a case study about “meaning exchange.” Choose a “hot button” experience you have had or one you are preparing for. Use the real situations expressed below as a possible starting point. Select such a recent communication experience and write it out; be brief but clear: What happened? What was the issue? Who was involved? What was your role? Were you the sender or receiver/responder? What did you say, show, do to carry your meaning to another person? How did they respond? What did you learn?

3. Actual Interpersonal Communication Situations

Make your own list of situations in which you seek to “exchange personal meaning.” The following were suggested from ministers in my conferences:


Now, go out with joy and expectancy to share messages and meanings about Christ and His kingdom work; enrich your family and personal life; improve the quality and satisfaction of your servant leadership.

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