Servant Leadership: Practices
“Context: Situational Leadership - Approaches and Functions” (SL#64)
by Lloyd Elder, Th.D., adapted from SkillTrack® 1:3 - Charting Your Course

Welcome to contingency!

Servant leaders today in the congregation give careful attention to the substance or content of servant leadership, e.g. the five practices that make up the whole. Those practices are constant, but not rigid or brittle. Now, welcome to contingency! For servant leaders must also assess the context of the congregational leadership situation: the changes; the variables; the options, the heritage.

This article will seek to look at selected aspects of that context as the basis for choosing leadership behavior and styles which might serve most effectively!

  1. Situational Leadership Approaches
    Hersey and Blanchard, among others, have asserted that there is no one-best leadership style. Rather, they have proposed that leadership styles should be matched to the situation at hand. This is also described as behavioral or contingency leadership. (See Study Abstract with this article and Abstract in SL#65.)
  1. Congregational Functions/Tasks
    Servant leadership is for every member, leader, and follower, in every role inside and outside church life. Each can choose to participate as a servant to do well a specific task, to add strength to the team, to provide example and encouragement to others--and thus to enter the servant leadership force of Christ.

    . . . to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.--Ephesians 3:21


Study Abstract: Focusing on Situational Leadership
from Management of Organizational Behavior: Utilizing Human Resources
by Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard
Abstract prepared by Lloyd Elder

Blanchard and Hersey reported, and most management writers seem to agree, that leadership:

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