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The official Louisiana Edition of the B.S.C.L.N.
Lanuch Date was June 6th, 2016
In Case you don't know what the B.S.C.L.N. is:
  • The full name is: Bivocational Smaller Church Leadership Network
  • This largest of all SBC Pastoral and/or Church groups has felt unappreciated and forgotten for many years. Louisiana Baptists have been a leader in working to build relationships with these Pastors and their Churches for nearly 20 years. In 2016, due to budget cuts, the personel used to reach out to this specific group was reduced to a bare minimum. Although Louisiana Baptists still care deeply about these 79% of all Louisiana Baptist Churches and 83% of all SBC Churches; the BSCLN has stepped up their efforts to provide affirmation, encouragement, and training to meet the specific needs of the 46,000+ Churches of the SBC that fit into this group.
  • The BSCLN began as the "Southern Baptist Bivocational Ministers Association" in 1977, then after years of frustrated affirmation by the SBC, the name was changed to the current name (BSCLN) and now with representatives in 21 states and counting, we now have training materials available at no cost if downloaded from the web site and shipping only costs if printed copies are desired. The BSCLN is funded by it's memberships and private donations only. The official Headquarters is located in Nashville, Tennessee with a fully staffed office, National Coordinator's Office, 2 Library rooms, rest rooms, meeting rooms, and a large parking lot.
    • This has all been provided by Tusculum Hills Baptist Church, Nashville, Tn.
  • Who does this huge work:
    • Mission-focused Churches – that are strong in evangelism, ministry and missions at home and abroad
    • Passionate Pastors –who are excited and prepared to lead their church into the purpose God has designed for it to accomplish
    • Engaged Senior Adults – who have moved off of the sidelines and back into the game by using their gifts and talents to impact their church and community
    • Maturing Church Members – who are not just pew-sitters but are growing daily into Christ-likeness
    • Connected Youth – who do not drop out of church after high school but who are connected to their church in leadership positions and church involvement
  • Who may benefit from the BSCLN?
    • 83% of all Southern Baptist churches report a Sunday School attendance of fewer than 125,
      • most of these churches have bivocational pastors. Other evangelical denominations report similar statistics. This is the target audience of the BSCLN.
  • To Contact the BSCLN
  • To Contact the interim Executive Director: Larry Barnes
  • To contact the Ministry Assistant: Angela Risher
  • To contact the BSCLN Louisiana Consultant: Gary Mitchell


  • excerts from: Adrian Rogers' Adrianisms
    • Why should God give you more light when you're not using the light you have.
    • It’s hard to steer a ship that’s not moving
    • The task ahead of us is never as great as the POWER behind us !
    • Stress is the gap between the demands and our ability to meet those demands.
    • Holiness is not the way to Christ; Christ is the way to holiness.
    • Don't put a question mark, where God put a period.
FIRST-PERSON: God gives only 2 choices
by Melanie Lenow, posted Friday, April 21, 2017
FORT WORTH, Texas (BP) -- Choices are wired into our society today. When we buy a cup of coffee, we have endless choices of how we want it fixed. If we do research on a topic, hundreds of articles are at our disposal. If we read one and it does not suit us, we simply move to the next. Choices are one of the benefits of living in a free society. However, as believers we must be careful not to apply the expectation of personal choices to our relationship with God. When God gives us commands in Scripture, we only have two choices. Are we going to follow God's instructions and live in blessing or are we going to disobey and live in frustration? That's it. It might seem simple, but the Lord's plan for us can be simple if we have a willing heart to obey. Let's apply this to a command God has given us in Scripture. John 15:17 says, "These things I have commanded you, that you love one another." We might read those words in John's Gospel and say in our hearts, "Yes, I want to obey." But as we face the relationships God has placed in our lives, we sometimes come back to God saying something like this, "I know You said love, but they have hurt me." Or "They don't want to be loved by me." Or "They just really annoy me." We want another option. We want the leverage of negotiation.

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